An Historic Overview of Online Gambling

Gambling has historically been a popular activity embraced by many cultures from all over the world. In some cultures it was an activity endorsed by the government or ruling monarch and in others a hushed up activity enjoyed by the common man in street corners and back alleys.

In the late 1960's academics and military personal have started developing the foundation for a network that can be utilized for surveillance purposes and provide an advantage to the west as back then the threat of the cold war caused much anxiety in the west.

During the 1970's a framework was established that would later be the basis of what we all recognize nowadays as the internet. For over two decades its uses were primarily military and academic and allowed use by a single person for an extended period of time.

The real internet revolution only started to take form after computer components have been drastically decreased, which allowed that birth of the personal computer that occurred in the late 1970's and early 1980's with the development of microprocessors, and in the late 1970's the Commodore 64 was created and have sold over 17 million personal computer kits that included the computer, a screen and a keyboard.

With more individuals around the world owning computers and better networks developed the late 1980's have seem a rise in host-to-host network users and the 1990's have brought with them what is today referred to as the Internet Revolution.

The Internet Revolution caused many businesses to try and adapt their offering for internet use and the gambling industry was no different. Suddenly many computer programmers have discovered the joy and value in developing games for the internet and online casino software started to be developed by several companies around the world.

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