Arabic Online Casinos

Arabic Online Casinos

Online Gambling in online casinos seems to be available to people from all over the world that have an internet connected computer, however it is not always legal and you are advised to check the gambling laws in your country to make sure you do not break any of them.

All the Arab countries are located in the Middle East or in Africa and are governed by independent laws. All these countries are either Muslim or have a Muslim majority living in them. Gambling is illegal according to Islam but some countries are more moderate and have a substantial secular Muslim population that enjoys gambling.

Egypt has more land-based casinos than all other Middle Eastern countries put together, but Lebanon holds the honor of having the largest land-based casino in the Arab world that is located in the city of Jounieh.

Other members of the Arab League that have legalized gambling include: United Arab Emirates, Tunisia, Morocco, Comoros, and Djibouti. In other countries gambling is prohibited but that does not mean that it does not take place. In countries like Jordan and Qatar it is rumored that illegal gambling dens operate in big cities and are frequented by locals and tourists alike.

In countries like Saudi Arabia the government monitors internet activity for the purpose of intercepting illegal pornography and online gambling, however it rarely does so and many foreign online casino operators are able to offer their services to residents in their Arabic online casinos.

Other Arab countries that also adhere to strict Sharia law do not tend to spy on their residents and players from those countries often play at online casinos.

Another important aspect to remember is that many Arabs tend to travel to other Arab countries such as Egypt and Lebanon where they can gamble freely, and also tend to visit many European countries where gambling is legal and regulated.

In fact it is hard to visit a casino in London, Paris, Madrid or Berlin without encountering happy gamblers from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Libya and many other Arab League countries.

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