Best Gambling Movie Scenes

There is something that fascinates many of us about movies that feature some type of gambling. Whether it’s because we are rooting for someone to win and pay off the bad guys or it’s because those gambling scenes get our hearts pumping with anticipation, Hollywood has long recognized and capitalized on gambling in order to fill the movie theaters. Here we take a look not at the best gambling movies but at the best gambling scenes.

Coupe de Ville tells the story of the three Libner brothers who reunite when their father asks them to drive a car, which is a gift for their mother, from Detroit to Miami. The brothers have very different personalities and struggle to find common ground. At one point they need to buy some parts for the car but are short on money. They get a tip about a dog race and head to the track. One brother does not want to follow the tip and wants to choose another dog that was a winner in the past but as the race gets going another brother admits that he bet on the dog from the tip and the brothers watch with suspense.

Run Lola Run is a film about a girl, Lola, whose boyfriend has lost 100,000 Deutschmarks of his crime boss’ money. In order to replace the lost money the boyfriend decides that he will rob a store but Lola convinces him to give her 20 minutes to come up with the money. In one scene, a tired and sweaty Lola spots a casino and goes in. She is obviously out of place in the swanky gambling room but strides over to the roulette table to place her bet. Her first bet is on 20 black and she wins but it is not enough money. She bets her winnings again on 20 black and the tension builds as the wheel spins a second time.

The movie Swingers is about a bunch of out-of-work actors living in Hollywood. At one point Mike is depressed about his latest breakup and his best friend Trent takes him on a road trip to Vegas in an attempt to cheer him up. After a hilarious drive, the two friends enter a casino and Mike sits down at a blackjack table not realizing that the minimum bet is $100 per hand. He gives the dealer $300 and begins to play. His cards total 11 at which point Trent tells him that you are always supposed to double down when you have 11 but is that really the right move?

Rain Man is the story of opportunistic brother Charlie and autistic genius brother Raymond that he never knew about but that his father left a multi-million dollar inheritance to. As the movie progresses Charlie learns of Raymond’s abilities and exploits him by using him to count cards at a blackjack table in Las Vegas in one of the most famous gambling scenes ever. Watch the intense winning streak and see how it turns out.

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