Brazil Online Casinos

Brazil Online Casinos

Brazil was once a country that could take pride in facts like having the first luxurious casino resort in Latin America and taxation from casinos provided 20% of the government's revenue.

For a while casinos operated undisturbed until 1946 when the conservative government under Presidents Eurico Dutra has changed the law and banned land casinos as they claimed they were promoting organized crime and all its related ailments such as money laundering and prostitution.

Since then lottery and horse racing were the only legal forms of gambling allowed in the country. In 2004 a change to the law was made to also allow bingo games, and being relatively new to Brazilians it is fast growing in popularity.

The Brazilians also have a popular street betting game called Jogo do Bicho (Animal's Lottery). The game is illegal but no one is enforcing the law and you can find poor people in every neighborhood playing this simple game.

There are no laws in Brazil that prohibit Internet gambling but the Brazilian government is refusing to issue licenses to any local or foreign operators. This means that many Brazilians gamble online and online casinos are especially popular with Brazilians.

Many online casino operators identified the thirst Brazilians have for casino games and started releasing their casino software in Portuguese and offer support and easy payment methods for their Brazilian customers.

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