Czech Online Casinos

Czech Online Casinos

The Czech Republic is a nation that has experienced much turmoil since its emergence in the 9th century. For many centuries it has been annexed by different empires or in more recent times joined together with Slovakia to from Czechoslovakia.

It was until the crumbling of the eastern bloc and demise of soviet rule that the Czech had finally gained the right to self-definition and for the past twenty years have existed as a separate national entity.

During the communist rule gambling was illegal in all the communist countries, but in the late 80's after the Velvet Revolution which marked Czech exit from the communist bloc and began the process of getting closer to the west. The Czech Republic did such a good job at shedding its eastern markings as today it is considered the most western country of all the central and eastern European countries.

Gambling is legal and there are many land casinos and racecourses along the country, so much so that in 2005 the government has legislated to limit their numbers. Online gambling is also legal and the Czech government issues licenses to local online casino and betting operators.

The Czech government taxes all gambling activity and on top of the regular business tax paid, the local gambling business have to pay an additional 20% of their gambling revenue in the form of charitable contributions to good causes in the country.

Recently the Czech government has also moved towards banning advertising of foreign gambling companies, many of which offer their software and support services in the Czech language, to encourage the use of local ones and ensure a steady stream of revenue for the country and charitable causes in need.

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