Denmark Online Casinos

Denmark Online Casinos

Denmark has a fickle history with gambling. In 1753 gambling was banned by the ruling monarch at the time King Frederic the 5th due to protective sentiments for his subjects. However in the same year a state lottery was granted a gambling permit and afterwards several other lottery operators were granted special permits. For over two centuries lottery was the only form on legal gambling in the country.

1930 saw the first official legislation regarding gambling and by 1948 laws governing sports betting were introduced. The company that has gained the license had 80% of its shares owned by the government. From that time until 1988 when Lotto was introduced and increased government revenue immensely, there was no other legal form of gambling in Denmark.

In 1990 the parliament has passed a law to allow casinos to be licensed in Denmark. Up until that point there was only one casino operating in Denmark by special decree of the King and it mainly served the very affluent.

A Danish company with shares solely owned by the state was operating casinos, bingo, and lotteries and diverting a percentage of the revenue to helping with gambling addiction and other charitable causes.

Initially the Danish government objected to internet gambling as it was not state controlled and Danish money was leaving the country. However soon the Danish government had a change of mind and a new law will come into effect in 2011. It has also struck a deal with big operators such as Party Gaming by granting a 5 year license to operate in the country.

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