Finland Online Casinos

Finland Online Casinos

Finland up until 1809 was a part of Sweden and from that point until 1917 when it declared independence. Swedish is still a common language in the country together with Finnish.

The Fins have a strong affection to all gambling forms and gambling is legal although is governed by a complicated legal system that is in place to ensure a state monopoly on all gambling activities.

Almost half the Finnish population partakes in some form of gambling and on average each person spends 13 Euros per week doing so.

The Finnish gambling market is divided between three companies that are largely owned by the government and are governed by laws that ensure that all proceeds from gambling activities go to charitable and social causes in the country.

Each of the three companies oversees a different aspect of gambling; RAY controls all slot machines, table games and the national lottery. FINTOTO OY controls sports betting and horse racing, and PAF is in charge of all gambling in the Åland Islands.

Online gambling is also legal and state controlled but Fins have had problems as PAF offers online casino and bingo sites that cater to all of Finland, which has caused problems with RAY who should be handling gambling in the north of the country.

RAY's grievances with the way PAF is conducting itself have been overruled by the government and PAF was allowed to continue operating its online business for the whole of Finland.

The EU has a problem with Finland's state monopoly over offline and online gambling but the Finnish government insists that due to the non-profitability of its gambling industry it should remain undisturbed.

In Finland there are no rules against gambling online with foreign companies and many Fins continue to do so with any online casino that offers them their software in Finnish.

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