France Online Casinos

France Online Casinos

The French like to gamble. They helped develop the Roulette game, Chemin de Fer, Blackjack and according to historians France is where the modern deck of cards was fully developed. During the 19th century the French initiated Pari-mutuel betting. Horseracing and dog racing that have enjoyed constant popularity in France and is considered a national pastime activity.

Many casinos operate in France, most are located in the capital Paris and some in resort towns along the coast. The French government enjoys a state-run monopoly over all gambling activities and for a long while has put a ban on online gambling.

Recently there was a change in French policy towards online gambling and the French government has issued gaming licenses to online operators from France and only one operator from another country.

There has been much debate over the French legislation and whether or not it is in violation of EU law. Online casino operators from outside of France take issue with the French government issuing online casino licenses to mainly French-based operators.

Regardless of the current legislation and any previous legislation that banned online casinos in France, the rules have never applied to French online casino players and people from France were always able to play in online casinos that accepted them. Many online casinos offer their software in French and take wagers in Euros.

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