Hungary Online Casinos

Hungary Online Casinos

Hungary is a nation that has endured a lot over the centuries. From its inception in the late 9th century and up until the end of the soviet hold over Central and Eastern Europe; the Hungarians have suffered greatly.

Hungry had a short period of blissful anatomy 946 years until the late 10th century when the Kingdom of Hungary flourished, the rest of the time they were invaded and ruled by everybody from the Ottomans to the Soviets.

Attitudes towards gambling depended greatly on whoever ruled Hungary at the time. From European monarchs who had a love for gambling games, all the way to Muslim rulers who frowned upon gambling.

Ever since the late 1980's, with the fall of the Eastern bloc gambling has exploded in Hungary but is very closely state-controlled. The Hungarian government has a monopoly over all gambling activities in the country.

The Hungarian gambling monopoly has drawn a lot of heat from the EU who claim it is violating EU laws, but the Hungarian government claims that all gambling in the country is done for non-profit and due to this they cannot allow foreign operators in who will want to profit from gambling.

Online gambling is also legal in Hungary and in 1998 the company that operates the gambling monopoly in Hungary started to offer its products online.

Due to the fact that many Hungarians still preferred playing online with foreign online casino operators the Hungarian government in 2006 has legislated to prohibit local banks from processing payments to and from foreign online gaming operators.

However thanks to online payment facilities and the willingness of international online casinos to offer their software in Hungarian, many players from the country continue to prefer the large international online casinos.

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