IDeal Review

Most Dutch banks use iDEAL as a secure payment and transactions processing service and currently iDEAL has 95% of the market share in this field in The Netherlands.

This makes iDEAL the most secure online money processing service out there. The same security that iDEAL provides to banks and other financial institutions is extended to individual users who use iDEAL for their online casino transactions and online purchases.

Another thing that makes iDEAL so convenient is that it links the user directly to their online banking facility making transactions simpler and quicker. Players who have an online banking service with one of the major banks in The Netherlands will find that they do not need to go through a lengthy registration process with iDEAL.

Players simply need choose iDEAL as their payment method when making a deposit at their favorite online casino and an application identical to their online banking application will come up and allow them to transfer funds to their player account with great ease.

The system is so easy to use that currently half of all Dutch online transactions with regards to purchasing goods online and depositing in online casinos are done via iDEAL and may online casinos provide additional bonuses to players for using iDEAL as their online casino payment method.

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