Italy Online Casinos

Italy Online Casinos

Italians have a strong affiliation with gambling. According to historians Italians have invented the game of Baccarat around the beginning of the 16th century and the evolving of lottery to bingo at the end of the 16th century can also be attributed to Italy.

Gambling has always been popular in Italy and the Italians love their casinos, horse racing, dog racing and bingo games. The earliest casinos in Italy were in Venice from the beginning of the 18th century.

However for many years a lot of Italians viewed gambling as a negative thing due to the involvement of the mafia in all gambling activities. Special educational programs would be run in school to educate children about the perils of gambling.

Attitudes towards gambling started shifting in Italy but the government was fighting them every step of the way. They even tried blocking IP address on online casinos to prevent Italian citizens from being able to access them. When that failed due to the sophistication of online casino operators and the consent change of IP addresses and domain names; the Italian government tried to start up its own online poker room.

In 2007 the Italian government decided to stop fighting this lost battle against online gambling and started granting licenses to thousands of online gambling operators from Italy and the world. In fact Italy is so far the only EU member that has changed its online gambling legislation to be completely in accordance with EU law.

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