Live Dealer Baccarat

Playing real live dealer baccarat from the comfort of your home or office, enjoying eating and drinking while you do so dressed in whatever feels comfortable might be considered as the ultimate indulgence, especially by those familiar with the game's history.

Baccarat was always considered a game for the over-privileged. Many still consider it the game of kings and in many land-based casinos baccarat tables are still velvet roped with a red barrier rope that gives the game its air of exclusivity.

In addition in many brick and mortar casinos the game of baccarat is only available at the VIP part of the casino or is open only to high rollers betting for high stakes. It is rare to find $5 and $10 minimum bet tables for baccarat in Las Vegas casinos.

Now players who are avid baccarat players and those who are new to the game can play live dealer baccarat for low or high stakes, always be allowed to sit at a baccarat table, although they would not be physically sitting at the table, but rather be in the comfort and privacy of their own home.

The advent of information technology; internet speed that allows for real-time live video feed to be streamed and sophisticated software and Flash technology that allow several people in different locations around the world to play together around the same baccarat table.

The table is manned by a professional dealer that is running the game and it is very easy for the player to play the game. There is no need to be a computer geek. Any person who is able to sign up to an online casino and open a real money account, has what it takes to be able to play live dealer baccarat.

The excitement that the game is providing can only be compared to the excitement a player feels in a real land casino. There is something magical about the rush that is experienced when watching the cards dealt and turned and revealing that the bet placed has paid off. Another thing which adds to the excitment is the ability to also play multi-player games and chat to other players that are playing at the same table as you.

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