Online Blackjack Rules Article

When it comes to playing cards, especially when playing a game like blackjack at the online casino it is important to do one’s homework regarding the rules and strategies of this online casino game. It is a popular saying that blackjack is a very simple game to play. Even though there is a lot of truth to the saying no player should dive head first into an unfamiliar game without carefully scrutinizing the rules first. At the online casino a player starts playing the game by placing your bet. As soon as all players have placed their bets, the virtual dealer deals everyone 2 cards, including himself. Once the initial 2-cards hand is dealt there are a number of scenarios that can be played out. In case the player has a blackjack (meaning a hand totaling 21) and the dealer doesn’t, the online casino player wins and vice versa. There can be a situation in which both dealer and player succeed to get a blackjack is referred to as a tie or a push, in which case none of them wins. In a case that none of them has a blackjack, every player needs to finish playing out his hand. After each players’ turn has passed, the dealer must play his hand.

After the first hand was dealt at the online casino, the player can go on by selecting to do one of the following. “Hitting’”, which basically means to take another card; “Standing”, which is to stay put and not take anymore cards; “Doubling down’’, which is to double the initial wager by taking an additional card, and than choosing to stand put. “Splitting”, which means to split a hand made out of 2 cards with the same value into two separate hands. “Surrendering”, is to surrender your hand and as a result lose your wagers.

Another important aspect to keep in mind is when your turn is over. The online casino player’s turn is over if any of the next three scenarios happen to occur. First case is when the player opts to stand, which means that he is satisfied with the hand he is presently holding and doesn’t want to take any more cards. Second case is when the player busts by going over 21. Third case scenario is when the player may also choose to double down and add one more card. As soon as all the players have completed playing their hand, the dealer then turns over his card that was facing down and plays his hand. No online casino player should rely on the simple notion that the game of blackjack is merely about scoring 21. We remind you that each and every player should carefully study all the aspects of this online casino game and this will help you enjoy the game and score great winnings!

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