Roulette Rules

Online Roulette game is one of the most popular and recognized of all casino games. It is a relatively a simple game to play and it offers many exciting betting options. The Roulette table will have minimum and maximum wagering limits and you can make a single bet or several bets for a single spin of the wheel.

In between spins of the wheel there is time allocated for placing your bets. In an online casino you can play at a private Roulette table all on your own or enjoy a multi-player table or even live-dealer tables that offer more excitement and interaction with other online casino players.

Once you have placed your bets on the betting area also known as the Roulette betting table; all bets will be stopped and no further chips will be allowed to be placed on the table. You will not even be able to top an existing bet so think well before placing you chips.

Once 'all bets are done' the live or virtual dealer will first spin the Roulette wheel and once the wheel is spinning the Roulette Ball will be dropped on to the wheel. The wheel will slowly stop and the ball with land on a number.

Any player betting on that number either by a Straight Up Bet or a Split inside bet of some sort, and any player making a winning outside bet that included the winning number or the color of the winning number will be awarded their winnings in accordance with the wager they made and the payout allocated to their winning bet.

Once the betting table has been cleared from all the chips from the previous betting round, a new betting round will commence.

These are all the basic rules for online casino Roulette game. There are three types of Roulette games; European, French and American. The difference is that in French and European Roulette numbers run from 1 – 36 with a 0 pocket. The American Roulette has 00 added to the numbers on the wheel. Some of the betting options vary and players should always remember that American Roulette offers worse odds.

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