Baccarat Banque

Banque usually uses 3 decks of cards and unlike Chemin de Fer the banker role is not passed to another player once the banker loses, rather only after the banker uses all the 3 decks of cards shuffled.

The original banker is decided using an auction-like method by offering the role to the player offering to wager the largest amount. In some cases it can also be the player who first joined the Banque table and needs to wager at least the table minimum.

The banker will deal a card to the player on his right, then to the player on his left and then to himself and deal the 2nd card in the same manner. The 2 cards dealt to the player on the left is the hand that all players seated to the left are wagering on and the cards dealt to the player on the right is the hand all players seated to the right wager on. Both those hands are played against the same banker hand.

The rest of the rules as far as calling cards and drawing another card are the same as Chemin de Fer. Each player to the left or right continues holding the cards as long as they are winning. Once they lose the following hand will be dealt to the next player seated after them.

Any player can cover the whole wager by the banker by declaring "go bank" but the right to do so belong first to the player to the banker's immediate right, then to his immediate left. The right is given from player to player by alternating sides. 2 players from opposing sides can "go bank" and share the wager.

Players are allowed to "go bank" and lose up to 3 times in a row and if they win one hand or more they may retire from the game by declaring how much they are retiring with.

It is always advised to check the exact rules for the game in the casino you intend to play as there can be variations and no one set of rules is accepted in all casinos.

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