Baccarat Strategy

Playing baccarat is relatively simple but there is still some strategic planning that can help you choose the right baccarat game and play better.

Choosing the right type of baccarat to play is a key factor. The best odds are in the most modern version of the game and the one offered in most casinos; Punto Banco.

This is the simplest baccarat version to play and offers the lowest house edge. Bets made on players have a house advantage of just 1.24% and bets made on the banker have a house advantage of 1.06% and that is despite the 5% commission the banker has to pay.

Punto Banco also offers a bet on a tie between the 2 hands but this bet is highly not recommended as ties are not as common and allow the house a 14.44% edge when 6 decks of cards are used and 14.36% when 8 decks are used.

Try to use a negative progression system when deciding who to bet on. Such a system is called "Avant Dernier" which means 'before last' and advises you to always wager on the one who won the hand before last.

It is not wise to use "Avant Dernier" long term as overall it will make you lose. However for short term play it can prove very useful.

And last but not least always try to play baccarat in casinos that charge the least commission. If you play Punto Banco you will pay less when you win when betting on banker, and when playing Chemin de Fer or Banque; you will pay the casino less commission for running the game.

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