Casino Comp Points Explained

All seasoned online casino players are familiar with the term 'comp points' but if you are new to online casino playing you might wonder what comp points are and how you as a player can benefit from them?

Comp points are short for complementary points and refer to points that players accumulate while they play the casino games.

In some casinos all games played are awarded equal comp points and the points are awarded for every currency unit spent playing casino games. In other casinos some popular games gain players more comp points than other players.

Every casino will have information on their website that will give complete details of the casino loyalty program and the way they award players with comp points.

The casino website will also provide information about redeeming comp points and the many benefits available to players in exchange for their comp points.

Some online casinos provide players with a comp points store where they can use their comp points to purchase branded good and expensive household appliances.

In other casinos comp points can be exchanged for casino cash and cashback rewards that are credited directly to the player's account. Players can then use that cash to play their favorite casino games and win more free cash.

In some online casinos players can use their comp points directly as free credit for playing games and there are even special loyalty tournaments that are open only to loyal players that hold a certain amount of comp points. Winning such a tournament can mean a lot of free cash to the winning player.

The best online casinos offer their players with at least a couple of options for redeeming comp points so players are able to choose between merchandise or free cash. Tournament entry tickets or increased reload bonus offers.

Overall it really pays off to the player to be a member of a casino loyalty program and accumulate comp points as the bottom line indicates that loyal players get more for their money and can even double in value every single dollar or euro they spend at the casino by taking advantage of the rewards offered.

It is important that players check if the loyalty program in their chosen casino requires registration or if the enrollment to it is automatic once the player starts playing real money games.

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