Casino Player Reward Programs

Online Casinos invest a great deal in retain existing players and it's an investment that really pays off as the competition between online casinos is fierce, with over 1000 licensed and reputable online casinos competing for every player.

It is one thing to entice new players to join your online casino with great welcome bonus offers, but keep those players for a long period of time and not have them leave the casino and move to another online casino that is promising them a high welcome bonus package.

In order to achieve the big task of retaining online casino players the casinos had to come up with different promotional ideas for loyal players and of course to constantly develop their software and offer design improvements and new thrilling games to ensure players do not get bored with what the casino has to offer.

One of the continuous promotions that casinos offer players is a fixed players reward program that provides players with regular and changing promotions and loads of prizes and cash rewards.

Most player reward programs use a system called comp points. Comp is short for complimentary and the points are awarded to players when they play real money games at the casino.

Each online casino has its own point awarding system but most system works on the same basis where players get points for every single currency unit they spend on the casino games.

Sometimes casinos offer special time-limited promotions that offer double or even triple points when playing specific games that are included in the promotion.

These promotions usually happen if the casino is celebrating a special occasion or the release of a new game. They can also take place during holiday seasons or just as a special treat the casino decides to hold for no particular reason other than awarding its players.

The comp points players accumulate as part of the casino player reward program can then be exchanged for merchandize and prizes in some casinos, while other casinos offer cash rewards, extra bonuses or cashback offers in exchange for the accumulated comp points.

As a rule of thumb the more a player plays at their online casino the more they will get for every $1 they spend at the casino which will make staying loyal to the casino and continuing to play there very beneficial for the player.

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