Casino Playing on Mac

Online casinos have been around for a couple of decades now and have brought millions of people hours of endless fun and big payouts when winning big jackpots.

Most casino players are used to turn on their personal computer (PC) to get their fix of online gambling and take playing gambling games on their computer for granted.

However Mac users, who use Macintosh personal computers, have not always had such an easy ride when desiring to play online casino games.

The reason for this is that the gaming industry offered accelerated development of video games and gambling games to people using Windows based PC's and neglected Mac users for obvious reasons such as that most computer users used Windows-based operating systems on their PC's.

This was due to the immense popularity of Windows operating systems and their dominance of the personal computer market. Mac computers were loved by animators and graphic designers but on most professionals Apple computing products went unnoticed. It wasn't until Apple invented iTunes and iPods that they rocketed into wider public recognition.

Windows have also developed DirectX technology that enabled 3D gaming and many other features that made PC gaming a memorable experience. It is only in recent years with Apple introducing Mac SO X and started to support Intel processors, did the incorporation of many gaming features were accessible on Mac computers.

Another advantage is that the latest Mac computers allow for Windows software and games that were developed for Windows operating systems to run on Mac computers. Very few games are especially developed for Mac's and most need to use Windows features to operate games.

The dominance of Windows operating systems and Microsoft products has had its effects on the online gambling industry as many online casino software companies developed their software to be Windows compatible so it could not be downloaded and run on Mac computers.

In recent years most online casinos offer their games on a downloadable version or instant play Flash versions so Mac users can play on the Flash version. Some online casinos only offer their games on Flash so no player needs to download any software.

Nowadays only few online casinos require downloading their software and offer no Flash version and a few of those have their software limited to Windows. However they are very few and most have adapted their software to be compatible with both Windows operating systems and Mac operating systems.

Another aspect that helps is that most software providers, including Microsoft, aim to create products that can be adapted to any kind of computer and operating system as to ensure they are appealing to a broad market.

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