Problems with eWallets Closures

Many online casino players choose a eWallet as their favorite payment methods when making real money transaction with an online casino. E-wallets have become one of the most acceptable ways of carrying out monetary transactions on the internet.

The reason eWallets have become so popular is that they safeguard their clients' information and minimize the risks of financial fraud and identity theft.

Individuals open an account with a eWallet and register their credit card. All transactions they make are paid from the eWallet without any merchant ever gaining access to their credit cards details or personal and private information.

The ability to use e-wallets has long since appealed to online casino players due to its ease of use, added security and lack of a paper-trail that makes it very convenient for players to have their gambling pastime activity kept private.

On occasion a situation can arise where a player discovers that their eWallet account has been closed by the casino or there is some problem to access funds. Most players would, understandably, start to panic and think that they have been scammed in some way.

In most instances that is not the case at all. In a situation where a player has access to their e-wallet account but is restricted in transferring funds is usually due to account freezing, rather than closure. Often this happen because the player has reached their limit for transactions for a fixed period of time.

The player can verify this with the eWallet customer support and be reassured that their money is safe and all they need to do is wait for a period for transaction limits will commence and in the future spread their transfers to their online casino over smaller amounts, or upgrade their e-wallet account to allow a greater transfer limit.

Another problem might be a failure to log in to their account that can indicate the account has been closed. This could happen due to a prolonged lack of use that resulted in the e-wallet classifying it as an idle account and closing it to prevent any unauthorized use and potential fraud.

This situation can be rectified with a simple phone call to customer support and emailing or faxing certain documents to verify identity. However if the account was closed due to unusual activity such as extremely large transactions, the player will need to contact support and verify their large transaction to allow the account back into active status.

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