GamCare Compliance for Companies

GamCare is a charitable organization assisting individuals and their families in identifying and dealing with gambling addiction.

It’s a non-profit organization that exists from donations from the gambling industry and through their owned subsidiary GamCare Trading Services that filters all its profits to fund their online and offline activities and help train advisors that work 7 days a week in helping those in need.

GamCare received £3.5 million in 2007 from the gambling industry in the UK which accounted for 80% of the budget the industry allocated for dealing with responsible gambling. In 2009 the budget required to operate GamCare was £4.76 million and in 2011 it is expected to be around £5.34 million.

Gambling institutions that cooperate with GamCare must comply with its manifesto and demonstrate their compliance by placing GamCare stickers and leaflets on gambling machines and on casino tables with information about GamCare activities and provide details of how to contact them in case of suspected gambling problems.

In addition gambling institutions have to allow GamCare to train the staff at casinos and other venues to identify people showing signs of gambling problems and assist them in getting help by directing them to GamCare services.

Furthermore gambling institutions must allow players to set their own wagering limits and set self-imposed gambling exclusions for varying periods of time.

Online casinos also cooperate with GamCare by adhering to the same principals as land-based casinos by displaying the GamCare logo and links on their websites, training their online support staff in helping problem gamblers and allowing players to set up wagering limits and self-imposing exclusions form playing real money games in the online casino.

GamCare has also gained the support of several celebrities and has appointed in 2007 Chris Eubank, the former world boxing champion, as the organization's ambassador.

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