Identifying a Gambling Problem

Online gambling is and should be a fun activity that does not impact adversely on your personal life and finances.

While most online casino players play wisely and stick to a gambling budget, some have fallen into the trap of addictive gambling and have developed a gambling problem.

A person with a gambling problem can be defined as a player who continues to gamble excessively although they are aware it is hurting them in some way.

It does not matter if the damage caused to the player is financial or personal to count as a player with a gambling problem.

One player might spend the money they have allocated for rent or paying bills and as such will effectively have a gambling problem. While another player who has no financial restriction will not have the problem expressed by running out of money, but rather by the alienation of their loved ones as they are investing all their time into gaming and neglecting their duties as family members.

A player who is constantly obsessed with gambling, even when they don't play has probably developed a gambling problem. The same can be said about a player that feels depressed and restless whenever they are not playing their favorite casino game.

Other tell tale signs of developing a gambling problem is making plans and relying on money that have not yet been won or constantly lying to family and friends to hide gambling activity.

Also if a player finds that they constantly escape to some sort of gambling activity whenever they feel down or have problems they feel they cannot deal with and prefer to gamble instead; that player should be mindful as they might have developed a gambling problem.

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