Keno Rules

Keno became a very popular game because the rules are easy to remember and the game does not require complicated strategic planning.

In land casinos the game is played by players marking 20 numbers on the keno card. The numbers run from 1 to 80. After players have made their bets and decided how many numbers they want to play and how high is their wager; 20 balls are drawn from a drum or generated by a computer using a Random Numbers Generator.

The payout depends on how many numbers the player has selected to wager on and how high was their wager in relation to how many numbers they hit from the numbers selected in that round of play.

The game is essentially comprised of 4 stages; numbers selection, wager selection, drawing of numbers and results.

When playing keno in online casinos there are slight variations and they depend on the online casino of your choice. In some online casinos players can select up to 15 numbers and in others only 10. Online casinos also do not select 20 numbers, rather 15 or 10 so make sure you check the rules of keno in your online casino.

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