Online Keno Tips

Keno is a lottery based game of chance, however there are a few tips we can provide you with to ensure that you play in the best possible way that will ensure you have a great time playing and increase your chances of winning.

Manage your investment
Always allocate a fixed budget for your playing session and stick to it. Playing keno in a real casino can take a lot of time, but when you play online the game moves much faster. Make sure you are making bets that are proportionate to your bankroll so that you get to play for as long as possible on your fixed budget.

Distribute your bets
Keno numbers run from 1 to 80. Make sure to distribute your bets between all the numbers and do not just stick to a low or high group of numbers. After all the casino's random numbers generator will be selecting the numbers and the chances that all the numbers selected will be between 1 to 20 or 60 – 80 are very low so make sure your bets are well spread.

Check the house edge
It is not always wise to select the max numbers possible. Check if the house edge changes when fewer numbers are selected. You will be better off playing fewer numbers for lower bets. Your wins will also be proportionally smaller but will match your investment.

Stick to your numbers
If you have favorite numbers you always play; stick to those numbers. You will be kicking yourself if you suddenly change your numbers and some of your old number will hit.

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