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Casino Match Bonus

Online Casinos attract new players and maintain existing players by constantly improving their software and offering new games to ensure players do not get bored playing at their casino. Another tool at the casinos disposal that helps attract ... Read More

Backgammon History

Backgammon is one of the most ancient gambling games known to men. There is archeological evidence dating it back at least 5000 years to the days when ancient Egypt was the biggest superpower in the world. However the game itself is even older ... Read More

Important Online Casinos Do's and Don'ts

Do's: Do check the licensing and independent auditing of your chosen online casino before you deposit money with them. Do familiarize yourself with the various game options and game rules before you start playing. Do contact the online casino ... Read More

Why Players at Online Casinos Win More

Playing online casino games gives you a much higher chance of winning money than playing in land casinos in Las Vegas or Monte Carlo. The reason your chances are much higher at online casino is due mainly to the games' payout ratio. While most ... Read More

Real Money vs. Play Money

Online casinos offer endless opportunities to have fun and be entertained. Due to the vast number of online casinos available today it is important for online casinos to constantly acquire new players which is why almost all casinos offer to ... Read More

Online Casino Withdraw Options

When you win money at an online casino and want to withdraw your winnings there are a few things you need to know. Firstly some casinos put a limit on withdraws and those vary from online casino to casino. Make sure you check if your online ... Read More

Several Online Roulette Tips

If you have played the online roulette for a while than most likely you don’t need to devote a lot of time to studying this section. Due to the fact that roulette (both the online version as well as the land based casino game) is pretty simple ... Read More

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