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The Gambler's Fallacy

Gambler's Fallacy is a term that describes the mistaken automatic notion that many people experience in relation to the odds of a random event having any relation to past occurrences for the same random event. Gambler's Fallacy is also known ... Read More

Types of Casino Odds

Casino odds are an important factor in any gambler's consideration when placing bets on any and all casino games in order to optimize their play and have the best chance of winning money. There are three main types of odds and different casinos ... Read More

Online Casino VIP Programs

Online Casinos put a great amount of effort in rewarding and supporting their loyal VIP players. Almost all reputable online casinos offer a VIP program. In some casinos it’s a single program that provides all participating players with the ... Read More

Casino Comp Points Explained

All seasoned online casino players are familiar with the term 'comp points' but if you are new to online casino playing you might wonder what comp points are and how you as a player can benefit from them?Comp points are short for complementary ... Read More

Good Casino Bets

Online casinos offer hundreds of different games and many games offer different types of bets that players can make when playing the games. In order to ensure players minimize their losses and maximize their winning potential there are good ... Read More

Bad Casino Bets

Any land casino or online casino offer loads of different casino games. Some games are single wager games and other games offer a variety of bets during a single round of play. Players need to remember that a single game such as Craps or Roulette ... Read More

Specific Games Superstitions

Gambling and superstition go hand in hand for many players and while there is no proof that they work or have any bearing on a player's luck at the table, many players have developed them and while there are different popular gambling superstitions, ... Read More

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