Online Craps Rules

Craps is an exciting game but many players approach it without knowing all the rules and get confused. The main thing players need to know is which bets are available at each stage of the game.

The game starts with players making Pass Line or Don't Pass Line bets before the Come Out roll (the initial roll) by the shooter (the player rolling the dice).

These Pass Line bets are on the shooter rolling 7 or 11 and Don't Pass Line bets are on the shooter rolling 2, 3 or 12.

If the Come Out roll is any other number the game continues and that number becomes a Point that is aimed for by the shooter in the following rolls.

If this happens then the object of the game is for the shooter to roll the Point number again before he rolls a 7. Player will now bet on the shooter succeeding to roll the Point number or not.

Players also have the option of making a Single Roll bets on a particular number or a combination of fixed numbers.

If a 7 is rolled the shooter ends their round then the next player on the table becomes the shooter.

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