Types of Craps Bets

Line Bets – These are bets the player rolling the dice has to make before they can start the game and roll the dice.

Single Roll Bets – also known as proposition bets and get decided by a single roll of the shooter. Most of the Single Roll Bets are referred to as Service Bets. In most craps tables these bets will be located in the middle of the craps table. The only people allowed to place those bets are the Dealer or the Stickman.

Multi Roll Bets – these bets are not settled in a single roll and may require several rolls before the outcome of the wager is settled. Usually multi-roll bets happen when the Point is made by the shooter and only after at least one more roll the outcome of the bet will be decided. These bets are split into two types: "not working" bets which do not come into play in a new Come Out roll until the shooter establishes the next point. The other type are "working" bets and all a player need to do is call their bet a "working" bet to make it valid. Each casino has its own rules regarding turning "not working" bets into "working" bets and you should always check before making your wagers. When a "not working" Point number becomes the new Point after the Come Out roll; the bet is usually refunded or is moved for free to another number.

Player Bets – this is a bet that is allowed in some casinos where a player makes a bet before play starts that the shooter will have a run of good luck. This bet is known as a Fire Bet.

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