Online Craps Tips

The game of craps is not an easy game to follow due to the variety of bets offered and the rules as to which bet can be placed at what stage of the game. We have gathered here a few tips that will help you keep your cool and play better craps.

Manage your Bankroll
Always set a betting budget for a craps playing session and stick to it. Only bet between 2% - 5% of your playing session bankroll on every shooting round. Do not expect to earn more than 10% - 20% your investment. In craps this is considered a very good return.

Stick to Smart Bets
Do not get tempted by bets that offer 15:1 or 30:1 payouts. These are sucker bets and it’s a rarity to win them. Stick to even money bets.

Make Pass Odds Bets
When you make a Pass Line bet the house has a small edge of 1.41%, however if you place a Pass Odds bet alongside it; you decrees the house edge to 0.8% and if you make a Double Pass Odds bet; the house edge will decrees even further to 0.6%.

Set your own tempo
Craps is an action packed game. When you play online you can set your own rhythm of play so you are comfortable and enjoying the game.

Raise/Low your bets
Most players tend to slightly raise their wagers when they are winning and lowering them when they lose. This allows for a balanced game, but make sure you do not raise or lower your bets too much. Always keep it proportional.

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