Multiplier Slots

Slots machines are available in many variants and it is important to know and understand the game you are playing so you apply the best possible strategy when playing it and increasing your chances of winning big.

A lot of the slots offered in online casinos are Multiplier Slots which offer you the choice of how many coins you want to be on for each spin. The benefit of playing them is that by increasing your bet you multiply your win by ten folds. Most Multiplier Slots allow you to bet up to 5 coins and there are some casinos that offer higher bet slots, but usually it will be up to 5 coins.

For example if you play 1 coin and hit a winning line where the payout is $10, if you would have betted 5 coins; the payout would have been $50.

Many multiplier slots offer bonus rounds which are only available when you bet max coins and others only pay the top payout prize to those who betted max coins. Let's say you are playing a slots game where lining up 7's offers the highest payout. If you didn't bet max coins you might discover that you did not actually won even thought you have all 7's lined up for you.

Therefore if you play multiplier slots is is always advised to go for the max coins bet every time so that you are a winner you win big and do not miss out of good payouts.

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