Progressive Slots

When you are a slots player you have the option of playing an individual slot machine or play progressive slots. Those are slots machine that are linked together and offer a joint progressive jackpot.

Each of the individual slot machines contributes a small amount to the progressive jackpot and often progressive slots can reach enormous jackpots of millions of dollars.

You can win all the regular pay lines for that specific slot machine just as if you are playing a regular slot machine but if you hit a specific symbol combination that is predetermined as the winning combination for the progressive slots; then you will win the entire progressive jackpot that has accumulated until that point.

In order to take full advantage of the progressive slots you will need to play the maximum amount of coins to qualify for a win. Many players forget to do so and miss out on the progressive jackpot even if they hit the rare winning progressive combination.

Progressive slots are played by millions of players every year and even if one of them is hit, it usually doesn't take long before the progressive jackpot rises again to staggering amounts due to their popularity and the high number of players who play them at all times.

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