Online Slots Rules

The game of slots has developed greatly in recent years with the burst of online casinos and today most online casinos offer different types of slots so the rules vary. We will attempt to cover most variants and provide you with the info you need in order to play them as best you can.

The first rule of playing slots is to always check the rules for the individual slot game you intend to play. With so many online casinos offering so many variants; take a minute to read the rules for your chosen slot game.

If you are experiencing difficulties in finding the rules or payout percentage for slots in the online casino you want to play at; then look for another online casino. The best online casinos are always happy to supply you with the rules for their games and include information on their website about their games payout percentage.

Traditional slots had 3-reels and once the lever was pulled the reels would spin and if when the reels stopped spinning matching symbols lined up then the player would be a winner. There were also poker slots with 5-reels that worked on a similar principal.

Nowadays many online slots work on video technology where symbols are displayed on a screen but still have the same objective of matching symbols.

There are a few variants on classical slots and we have review articles that will explain each type of slots game and the rules that apply to it.

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