Progressive Video Poker Games

Video Poker is founded on a slot machine principle and as such it offers the same progressive jackpots options. You can play video poker against one machine, but you can also play progressive video poker on a machine that is connected to other machines and regularly gets a percentage of the wagering done on each machine and accumulates them into one big jackpot.

Video poker progressive jackpots can run into the millions of dollars and is a great way to try and win big while still making only a very small investment.

Progressive video poker will have a regular pay table that lists all winning hands combinations. There would also be a special wining hand that will grant whoever hits it the progressive jackpot.

The game itself will run as normal and you will need to bet your coins, get the cards, discard the cards you believe do not contribute to your hand and get new cards to replace those you have discarded. However bear in mind that in most progressive video poker games you will need to place the max bet in order to qualify for winning the progressive jackpot.

A situation can arise where you do not bet max coins and hit a winning hand combination that should qualify you for winning the progressive jackpot, however you will not win it because you did not bet the max bet. Make sure if you are playing progressive video poker to always bet the max bet to avoid disappointment of not qualifying to the top prize.

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