Video Poker Game Types

Video Poker has quickly become one of the most popular online casino games. This is due to it combining two great casino games; slots and poker. It offers the excitement and simplicity of slots machines coupled with the strategic requirements of poker.
Over the years many different variants of video poker have developed. Below you will find a short review of the main video poker variants:

Jacks or Better
This is the most common form of video poker and can also be called Draw Poker. The lowest winning hand for a payoff is a pair of jacks. Hitting a pair of tens or lower will not qualify for a win.

Deuces Wild
A variant of video poker where deuces are wild, which means they can be substitute any other card in the deck. Therefore there is a payoff for a hand of "five of a kind", and a hand such as "four of a kind" appear every 15 hands on average. This is a variant that favors the player and therefore has become very popular.

Joker Wild
The game is played with a 52 cards deck and one joker that is wild and can be substituted for any other card in the deck and helps in building winning hands.

Deuces & Jokers Wild
Deuces and jokers are wild cards that substitute any other card in the deck. This is a game that allows players to build a 5 card hand that comprises solely of wild cards.

Super Aces
based on Jacks or better but allows higher payouts for "four of a kind" hands, especially 4 aces. Also known as Bonus Poker.

Bonus Flush
Jack or Better principle with higher payouts for flushes.

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