Video Poker Strategy

Video Poker is a slots machine based game that you can actually beat the casino if you play it right. Most slots games require little strategy and are purely based on chance, but video poker is different.

The most common variant of video poker is "Jacks or Better" but it is not a video poker game that always favors the player. The game that players have a better chance of winning is "Deuces Wild" where deuces can be used as any card. This game increases your chances as the lowest 4 cards in the 52 deck of cards can actually be used as any other card depending on what your hand requires.

There is also "Jokers Wild" which increases the deck from 52 cards to 53 cards but allows you greater flexibility in building your winning hand.

Always try to look for a "full pay" video poker game, which means it has a higher payout ratio for every $100 you wager and in some casinos can even exceed 100%. Most "Deuces Wild" games will be "short pay" games where the house has a bigger advantage because the odds of the game favor the player. Try to look for video poker games that offer full pay so your chances are increased.

Trust strategy and play by it. There are plenty strategy tables you can find online for each video poker variant. When you find the video poker you prefer to play, find online the strategy table for it and select which cards your discard or hold based on the table. This will ensure the house edge against you is minimal and you will stand a good chance of winning some money.

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