Video Poker Tips

Video Poker although a game based on slots machine principle is not a game of pure chance. It’s a game that requires applying a basic strategy which increases your chances of winning. There are a few tips we can offer for optimal video poker play.

Set a Playing Budget
Whenever you play any online casino games be sure to set your playing budget in advance. Some people can afford to spend $1000 in one playing sessions and for others $100 is too much. You always know what you can afford and what amount of money you do not mind losing as long as you enjoy yourself. So set a budget and stick to it.

Do not Guess!
Video Poker is a game that has a fixed strategy, developed by top mathematicians based of the rules of probability. Each variant of video poker has its own strategy of which cards you should hold on to and which you should discard. Always stick to the strategy. Do not guess what you should. You can always keep a window open on your computer that shows you the strategy table for the video poker game you are playing.

Go for Highest Payouts
It is always advisable to choose a video poker machine that offers you higher payouts and lower house edge. Usually the highest payout are in Jacks or Better variant, then Deuces Wild which has better odds for the player simply by the fact that 4 of the lowest cards can be used as any other card to complete a winning hand.

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