South Africa Online Casinos

South Africa Online Casinos

Gambling is legal in South Africa and dozens of land based casinos spared along the country and include huge casino resorts like the ones in Sun City that draws millions of visitors and offers some of the grandest and most luxurious casinos in the world.

Online gambling in South Africa is located in somewhat murky waters as there is no single and clear piece of legislation that addresses the issues of online gambling.

In recent years the South African Government has been trying to regulate online gambling and in 2008 has passed the National Gambling Amendment Bill to license and regulate online gambling as it is eager to become a place where software providers and operators can establish themselves and run their businesses from as it is interested in developing its economy and profiting from online gambling.

However the law has yet to come into effect and there is much debate about it. In the meantime there is no prohibition against online casinos and South Africans are welcomed to gamble in any online casino that welcomes them.

Regardless of the lack in legislation and regulation, online gambling has been very active in South Africa and many online casino operators offer online gambling to South African in their own currency Rands (ZAR) which makes depositing and withdrawing money from the casino an easy process for any South African.

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