Online Live Casino Software Evolution

Online Casinos have gained steady popularity since their inception in the mid 1990's and have showed little signs of slowing down their growth and development.

Nowadays online visitors can find over a thousand active online casinos available for people from all over the world operating multilingual gaming platforms that provide excitement and fun to millions of people.

The advancements in software programming coupled with the ever-increasing speed of private internet connections have created stiff competition among online casino software companies that is propelling them towards greater ingenuity in developing new technologies that will provide them with an edge in terms of the product they present to players.

The race to outdo other gaming software manufacturers has created an online live casino software evolution and generated a new niche in online gambling in the form of online live casino games.

Live casino software evolution has caused established online casinos to expand their software to allow players to play certain casino games against live dealers in multi-player mode that allows several players to play the same game at the same time, exactly the way it is done in land casinos.

Players play against a live dealer that is located in a studio that is equipped with real casino game tables and cameras that record the dealer's actions and transmit in real-time a live video feed directly to the players computer screen via the casino software.

This provides players with a playing sensation that resembles the feelings players experience when playing in brick and mortar casinos when they can see the dealer shuffling cards or dropping the roulette ball onto the roulette wheel.

Players can also chat to the dealer and other players around the casino game table, which makes the game far more sociable and enjoyable.

All these factors also add to the players' confidence and security. They can rely on fair play rather than rely on random numbers generator. Although all reputable online casinos audit their random numbers generator on a regular basis, playing against a dealer who is a real live dealer and you can see the cards in their hands provides a great sense of security.

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