Online Casino VIP Programs

With the abundance of internet casinos available, casinos are enticing players to choose their casinos with bonuses and rewards. Internet casinos offer Welcome Bonuses to players who have real money accounts but players that qualify as VIP players are rewarded even more. Each casino will have its own qualifications that a player must meet in order to be considered a VIP player but many casinos also reward loyal players in ways which help them become VIPs quickly.

Land-based casinos have the option of offering VIP players free hotel stays, tickets to shows and performances and exclusive bookings at top restaurants. Internet casinos can’t offer players any of those things but what they do offer is usually as worthwhile for players. If you want to take advantage of all of the extras from internet casinos, then you should choose to play at one casino as a loyal or a VIP player so you can rack-up goodies and be treated like royalty.

Casino Loyalty Programs

One way that internet casinos reward players is through their Loyalty Programs. This program offers player comp points for each bet that is placed. The benefit of rewarding points per wager as opposed to a deposit amount is that you can wager your money many times over again. Additionally, most casinos award points regardless of whether you win, lose or draw. There is usually no limit to the number of points a player can earn so the more bets a player places, the more reward points he’ll earn. Players can then redeem set amounts of comp points for casino cash, entrance into casino tournaments, merchandise and more.

Most internet casinos offer several loyalty levels to encompass more players who might not initially qualify as a VIP. With this type of program, all players can start getting rewards and working their way up to VIP status by staying loyal to a casino. The different levels come with varying rewards which get better the higher the loyalty level.

Rewards Offered

There is no shortage of rewards offered to VIP players at internet casinos. If you join the casino as a VIP player, usually you will be rewarded with not only the regular Welcome Bonus but a VIP Welcome Bonus in addition. VIP players usually have a dedicated account manager who can handle any issues that arise. VIP players can take advantage of most regular casino promotions but VIPs are also frequently invited to exclusive tournament and offered premium promotions. Sometimes players are even invited to special international gambling destinations or can get tickets to special gambling and sporting events. Most internet casinos also have special VIP games and tables with higher betting limits and even more personalized treatment. VIP players almost always get better conversion rates on comp points which means players can get even more free cash just for wagering on their favorite games. There are even extra banking options for VIP players which can include faster withdrawals and higher deposit limits.

VIP programs and loyalty programs are the way internet casinos reward their members. Faithful casino players who may not have as much money as a high roller still get rewarded for their loyalty to one casino. So, if you don’t necessarily have the cash to join a casino as a VIP member right away, don’t worry. All you have to do to cash in on great rewards is to join the loyalty program and keep gambling at one casino to build up your comp points. Soon enough you will reach VIP status and reap the benefits.

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