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Arabic Online Casinos

Gambling in Arabic online casinos is allowed to some Arabs and disallowed to others. It all depends on your exact religion and just how religious you are. It also depends on which of the 23 countries in the Arab League you reside in as some have legal gambling and others do not.
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Greek Online Casinos

Gambling in Greece is legal but the country has fewer than twenty casinos that are mostly located in various Greek islands and cater mostly to tourists. Lottery and sports betting is more common and is controlled by a state monopoly.
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Norway Online Casinos

Norwegian love to gamble and all forms of gambling are legal in Norway. The country is one of the wealthiest nations in Europe and most citizens have a substantial disposable income which explains the large sums of money they invest in gambling.
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Finland Online Casinos

Finland allows all forms of gambling but has strict controls over the gambling market. Gambling is under a state-run monopoly with three separate companies operating different types of gambling products throughout the country and all their generated profits are allocated to charitable causes.
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Hungary Online Casinos

Gambling in Hungary is a legal activity that is regulated and restricted by the state. Hungarians like to gamble and all forms of gambling are practiced in the country. The Hungarians are avid casino and poker players and have several gambling card games that are unique to them.
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Czech Online Casinos

Gambling in the Czech Republic is completely legal and after the end of the communist rule in the late 1980's, many casinos and race tracks started operating the country. Online gambling is also legal and the Czech government issues licenses to local operators.
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Poland Online Casinos

The Polish are passionate gamblers and enjoy casino games, poker and sports betting. They have a rich history of gambling that was often influenced by their Russian and Prussian neighbors. Today there are many casinos operating in Poland and the Poles continue to gamble online in spite of recent legislation.
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Russia Online Casinos

The Russian people have a longstanding relationship with gambling. Tsar Peter threw the first lottery game in 1698 and gambling was popular throughout the Russian monarchy. In the last twenty years casinos thrived in Russia and the Russian are passionate online gamblers.
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Brazil Online Casinos

Gambling is a problematic issue in Brazil. Up until the middle of the 20th century gambling flourished in Brazil and the country boasted several resorts that offered casinos. Lottery and bingo are legal in Brazil and many Brazilians take part in illegal gambling activities.
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Portugal Online Casinos

Most forms of gambling are legal in Portugal. The country is divided into gambling zones and each zone is allowed by law to have one land casino operating in its territory. The Portuguese love to gamble and casino, bingo, lottery and horse racing are popular in the country.
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South Africa Online Casinos

Gambling in South Africa has always enjoyed great popularity. South Africans have Sun City; one of the greatest gambling resorts on the face of the earth, and since the online gaming revolution started many in South Africa have taken their gambling online.
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Canada Online Casinos

Gambling in Canada is legal and many Canadians enjoy playing online from the comfort of their own home. Therefore many online casino operators are offering a full service in CAD (Canadian Dollars).
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Australia Online Casinos

Australians are a nation of gamblers and many online casinos have adapted their software to include a full service in AUD (Australian Dollar) that allows players to deposit, wager and withdraw funds in their home currency.
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Denmark Online Casinos

Online gambling is legal and licensed in Denmark and the country is one of the leaders among Scandinavian countries who has embraced online gambling and found a way of incorporating it into their socio-economic agenda.
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Sweden Online Casinos

Gambling in Sweden has always been popular, going back to days of King Olaf from the 11th century who settled a land dispute with King Olaf from Norway using a game of dice. Gambling is perfectly legal in Sweden and state is in charge of all gambling activities.
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Netherlands Online Casinos

The Dutch love to play gambling games and have done so for centuries. Gambling in the Netherlands was always legal and currently all inland gambling is monitored by the state with a single company named Holland Casino that owns the monopoly on gambling in the Netherlands.
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Italy Online Casinos

Gambling has always been popular in Italy and the Italy is one of the nations that have contributed the most to the development of gambling worldwide. The Italians are known as avid gamblers and online gambling is legal in Italy.
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Germany Online Casinos

Gambling in Germany is legal in all 16 states and is tightly regulated by the government. There are casinos and casino resorts all over Germany and some even say that the first official public casino in the world is the one that was opened in Germany in 1764. For many Germans gambling is an accepted pastime activity.
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Spain Online Casinos

Gambling online was recently made fully legal in Spain with the Spanish government introducing regulations and issuing licenses to online operators and taxing online casinos. The Spaniards are avid online gamblers and online gambling is on a constant rise in Spain.
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France Online Casinos

Gambling is a longstanding tradition in French culture. The French are responsible for the development of several favorite casino games and have always operated land casinos in major cities and beach resorts. Horseracing is a time-honored tradition and recently the French government started issuing licenses to online casino operators.
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US Online Casinos

US online casino players have been confused since the passing of the UIGEA so here at Casino Filter we have decided to explain about the legislation and have gathered the best online casinos that accept US players and process their deposits and withdraws.
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UK Online Casinos

Online casinos that are offered in English can be found all over the internet, however not many offer wagering in GBP (Pound Sterling). We have decided to make life easy for our British visitors and compile a list of the best online casinos that offer the most comfortable and British gaming environment.
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