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Craps is a classic casino game and is offered in all land casinos and in most online casino. Craps is a dice game where players can make bets against other players (street craps) or against the bank (casino craps).

The game was developed from an English game called Hazard, but its exact origin or date of creation is unknown. Some say it dates back to the Crusades and later was influenced by the French which called it Crapaud from the French word for Toad.

The early version of the game had a slight problem which meant players were able to exploit the casino by using a loaded dice and playing according to the way other players gambled. This was later corrected with the invention of the "don't pass" rule and this is the version that is popular and played in most casinos today.

Playing bank craps involves one player or more playing against the casino by taking turns rolling the 2 dice, the player who does the rolling is called the "shooter" and the other players making bets by placing them on the different areas of the betting table. The bets are paid out according to the outcome of the shooter's roll.

The shooter must bet at least the table minimum before rolling the dice on the "pass" line or "don't pass" line. The role of the shooter moves from player to player clockwise around the craps table. A player may forgo their right to roll but can continue to play by placing bets.

Each round of playing has two parts to it; "come out" and "point. Whether the round goes into the second part is determined by the shooter roll during the first part.
There are many different types of bets and we will review them all and offer you good craps strategy and playing tips to ensure you are playing the best possible craps game.

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