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It doesn’t matter if you are a beginning online casino player and you are not exactly familiar with all the in’s and out’s of payment methods.

You can easily deposit money into your online casino account by using a bank draft or a personal check. Basically, to send a personal check or a bank draft you must simply contact your local bank and ask to issue a bank draft or sign one of your personal checks. Follow the simple instructions at the online casino of your choice and get ready to play!

A check or bank draft is definitely one of the most convenient online casino payment methods for people who do not wish to involve their credit card in their online gambling.

For others who still consider various payment services that are internet based and not trustworthy enough this is also a great solution. However, with all the advantages that a check or bank draft has to offer we still recommend you to stop being intimidated by the internet revolution.

The downside of checks and bank drafts is the time they take to transfer funds to your online casino. Alternative online casino payment methods are much more efficient and also provide security and privacy.

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