Norway Online Casinos

Norway Online Casinos

Norway is a Scandinavian country and its people are direct descendants of the Vikings. The country is a parliamentary democracy but also a constitutional monarchy. The country is rich in many different resources and has enjoyed economical stability to such an extent that it never opted to join the European Union.

Gambling is legal in Norway and is state controlled. Several companies that are licensed by the state operate in the country and offer Norwegians gambling in casinos, poker, lottery and sports betting.

Norwegians enjoy gambling a lot and it is rumored that more than 1% of all Norwegians suffers from some form of a gambling addiction. This is why all gambling activity in the country is closely monitored by the Norwegian Gaming Board.

Online gambling is also legal in Norway and for many years foreign operators were allowed to offer their services to the people of Norway.

However in 2008 the Norwegian government has done a U-Turn and decided to bar foreign gaming operators from accepting wagers from Norwegian citizens and as Norway is not a full member of the EU the European Commission will not be able to prevent this.

The law in Norway with regards to online gambling with non-Norwegian online casinos is similar to the UIGEA bill that was passed in the US and is essentially targeted at financial institutions to prevent them from transferring funds to and from Norwegian citizens and foreign gambling companies.

There is no law that criminalizes a Norwegian citizen if they do wager online with a foreign company and as many international casinos offer their software in the Norwegian language many will continue to wager with them with the help on internet banks and alternative online payment methods.

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