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Many players think that online casinos only provide bonuses to new players, but this is not the case. Most online casinos offer Reload Bonuses to players as a means of retaining them and avoiding the player switching to a new casino.

Reload Bonus is a bonus that the player gets after they have made their first deposit and received their Welcome Bonus. In most casinos the offers for the initial Welcome Bonus are for 100% or more, while Reload Bonus offers tend to be for less than 100%.

The reason that the Reload Bonus tends to be lower than the Welcome Bonus is due to the fact that the online casino already has the player as their customer so their offer does not need to be very tempting.

Reload Bonus is basically what the online casino does to ensure the player stays with them by continually supplying them with Reload Bonuses that are competitive with other online casinos in order to retain the player.

Another limitation of the Reload Bonus is the maximum amount of the bonus available. For example if the casino will offer a 75% Reload Bonus they will limit it to $150 so a player that reloads their account with $500 will still only get $150 as a bonus.

It is important to take notice of the limit on the Reload Bonus as it will make more sense to spread your reloads over several deposits. So the same player that wanted to deposit $500 will be wise to split it into two deposits of $200 and one of $100. This way they will get $150 bonus for each of the $200 deposit and an additional $75 for their last $100 deposit.

This will add up to $375 in bonuses instead of only $150 bonus if the player would have deposited their $500 in a single deposit.

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