Real Money vs. Play Money

Online casinos offer endless opportunities to have fun and be entertained. Due to the vast number of online casinos available today it is important for online casinos to constantly acquire new players which is why almost all casinos offer to play for both "Real Money" and "Play Money" (also known as practice).

"Real Money" mode means you are playing for real cash that you have deposited into your player account and cash that was awarded to you as a bonus for making a deposit. This money is there for you to gamble with and if you lose it; the casino will keep it as profit. If you win using that money you will be able to withdraw it. 

"Play Money" is practice credit that the casino gives you. This is not real cash and should be viewed more as tokens you can play with but is not not cashable.

The online casino is interested in establishing trust with new players and for players to get familiar with the various casinos features and games and therefore offer the ability to play in the casino without any commitment to it.

"Play Money" is there for those who are completely new to playing at online casinos and also for those who are shopping around for a new online casino and want to test graphics and sound features and games.

You need to bear in mind that some of the wagering options on some games are not available in "Play Money" mode and to get the full array of betting and wagering options you will need to be in "Real Money" mode.

If you are not sure which features are missing in "Play Money" mode just contact live player support and ask them. Do not accept bad treatment from them because you are a "Play Money" player. It should be in their interest to treat you well and answer all your questions because they have an interest in keeping you as a player and turning you into a "Real Money" player.

In many online casinos player support you will also get special bonus offers when you contact the live support as a "Play Money" player, so it can be worthwhile to contact them.

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