A Beginners Guide to Online Casino Promotions

The online casino industry is not different from any other; therefore it doesn't want to lose the online casino player, and quite the opposite it wants to attract new ones. Currently there are a large number of online casinos and their amount by far surpasses the demand. So it's crucial for the online casino to distinguish itself from its competitors in the industry. Different online casino promotions are used for this and the most important promotions there could be for the online casino player is the promotion for high winnings. Hence, online casino bonuses are the most popular way to attract players.  

There are different types of online casino bonuses. Most casinos offer a "Welcome Bonus" also known as "Match Bonus" or "First Deposit Bonus".  As soon as the online casino player enrolls and deposits his first money in the online casino he receives the "welcome bonus" which gets credited to the players' online casino account. Online Casino Bonuses tend to be in relation to the deposit sum and can be matched to the amount deposited or reflect the bonus in percentage to the amount deposited.

You need to be careful and read about the restrictions you have on withdrawing the amount of the online casino bonus. Those are usually referred to as "Wagering Requirements" and refer to the amount you need to wager at the casino before you are able to withdraw the amount of the online casino bonus given.

Many online casinos offer additional bonuses on your future deposits and you should check what online casino bonuses will be available to you further down the road. Make sure you play at an online casino that values you as a returning customer and continues to offer you online casino bonuses even after you initially join them and make your first deposit.

Some online casinos will also offer seasonal bonus promotions on specific holidays or major sporting events so it pays to keep track and take advantage of such promotions.

In addition the big and reputable casinos will have fixed "Loyalty Program" or "Comp Points" program which will reward returning players. They also offer "VIP programs" to extra loyal players and "High Rollers" so if you plan on becoming a big player make sure the online casino of your choice has such a program to offer for you.

All these online casino promotions can mean a lot more free cash  in your player account and you should check the notices the online casino publishes on their site to make sure you take advantage of them when they come.

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