Online Casino Bonus Whoring

Online casino bonus whoring is the act of using the bonuses an online casino offers to make money. This is a simple term for the experienced online casino player but for those of you who are new to online casino bonuses this is a simple guide that will explain what is done and how to do it.

Bonus whoring is when you get the high bonuses and wager correctly in order to clear the wagering requirements attached to the bonus in order to make easy cash. 

Online casinos are rapidly growing in numbers and the casinos must offer high bonuses in order to draw new players. All casinos offer welcome bonuses to new players but they vary in size and wagering requirements.

Bonus whoring is when you seek out the highest possible bonus with the lowest wagering requirements attached to them and then play for small wagers in specific games to ensure you clear the bonus without going bust.  Then you are left with a hefty sum you can withdraw. This way you make money over the online casino rather than have the online casino make money on you.

This is another aspect of online casinos which makes them much more favorable with gamblers than land based casinos. Only in online casinos can you get huge bonuses for very small wagers.  So the trick is not to simply play at online casino but rather find the best online casino bonus and increase your investment and clear winnings for withdraw as quickly as possible.

So an online casino that offers a bonus of 200% up to $500 sounds appealing but if it will take 100 x the bonus given in wagering requirements to clear the bonus than you might go bust well before you had the chance to clear the bonus. In this case it would be better advised to accept a Match Bonus of 100% up to $50 if the wagering requirement is only 20 x the bonus given.

Once you have figured out which bonus is best for bonus whoring (and we are here to help with this info) it is important to play the right games at the right betting limit to ensure you do not bust out before you have cleared the bonus.

The best games to play will be those with a higher Payout Percentage in order to increase your chances of winning.

For further details on bonus whoring; check out our bonus section where you will find details on great online casino bonuses available to you.

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