Online Casino Loyalty Program

An online casino needs to attract new players all the time and does so by offering to them various promotions and bonuses. However once the online casino has attracted a new player it is also very important for the online casino to retain the player.

Online casinos retain existing players by offering them bonuses for repeated deposits but also by having a good Players Loyalty Program in place. A Loyalty Program can also be knows as Comp Points or Player Rewards Program.

In simple terms a Loyalty Program is a system which the online casino put in place where all players who play for "Real Money" collect comp points the more they wager at the casino. Of course the higher the stakes and bets; the more comp points you will earn.

Once you have accumulated a sizeable amount of comp point you will get rewards from the online casino. The rewards themselves vary from casino to casino and can be in the form of big prizes and casino related merchandize. 

However the best loyalty programs are those where a player accumulates comp points which they can then turn into cash and wager it in the casino.

In some online casinos the system of comp points is very simple and awards 1 point for every $1 wagered. However, in some casinos the number of comp points a player receives depend greatly on the games they wager on. For instance; some online casinos will reward more comp points for playing Slots which have a higher house edge and lesser points for playing Blackjack where the house edge is reduced.

In addition some casinos offer higher cash credits to player who wager more so once they go over a fixed level of wagering their comp points will automatically be worth more.

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