Online Casinos for High Rollers

Online casinos need to attract players who are High Rollers as they contribute greatly to their revenue. They might make up only a small percentage of all the players the casino will have, but they deposit more and bet for higher stakes.

Therefore many online casinos have created custom bonuses for High Rollers to reflect their appreciation, build trust and also reward for the high deposits.

Players who intend to make a first deposit of over $1000 should always check the High Roller bonus offered by their chosen online casino.  However be mindful that such high bonuses will have higher wagering requirements than the bonuses the casino offers regular players and in some cases might also have withdraw restrictions attached to it.

High Rollers should also examine the loyalty program the online casino is offering. It can sometimes be referred to as VIP Program or Comp Points. The casino should reflect its gratitude to the High Roller by treating them better than regular players and award them accordingly. 

The betting options and table limits also affect the way a High Roller will chose an online casino. It is important that they are not limited like in some casinos to play up to $100 bet at the blackjack tables, but also have $300 or maybe even higher betting options.

High rollers will tend to prefer the table games over slots or video poker same as they do in land casinos. Only a serious online casino will be sure to offer higher stakes and limits on these games.  Even when it comes to Slots a casino that caters for high rollers will have $2 and even $5 coins betting option rather than only $0.50 and $1 coin betting options.

Check out our High Roller section to find out which are the best online casino offering benefits and promotions for High Rollers and the highest bonuses available in those casinos.

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