The Ten Commandments of Online Gambling

When deciding to gamble in an online casino there are a few key factors you must consider before choosing an online casino and begging to play at an online casino.

These key factors are crucial for a good online casino experience so we shall refer to them as the Ten Commandments of Online Casino:

1. Always opt to play in an online casino that has a "Fair Play" policy and is audited by a major independent auditing firm and that they share such information with their players on their website.  

2. Always know the law and legal restrictions in your jurisdiction:  online casinos are legal in some countries and receive licenses from the state. In others there are some issues with the legality of online casinos and they are operated from other legal jurisdictions and offered to residence of those localities where they are banned.   

3. Study the online casino you intend to play at. The big online casinos have full player information on their websites regarding their licensing, auditing, payout percentage, information on their management, executives and customer support. Make sure all that information is present and valid in the online casino of your choice and do not hesitate to contact their customer support to verify it.

4. Learn the game rules before starting to play to ensure you are familiar with the specific game variations so you do not have any surprise after you have placed your bets.

5. Practice using "play money" before starting to play with "real money". All reputable online casinos have "play money", also known as "practice play" options. Make sure you enjoy the game and understand it prior to gambling with your hard earned cash.

6. Set a fixed paying budget and stick to it. This will enable you to enjoy your time in the online casino without getting frustrated when losing and will ensure you do not get into financial trouble. Some online casinos even offer the option of setting a monthly spending budget so you do not go over it and spend more money than you intended while you are excited during play time.

7. Ensure the online casino you play at has a high "payout percentage" that is regularly audited by an independent auditing service.

8. Always play at online casinos that have a good "customer service policy" and are dedicated to sticking to it. Do not fear testing them by contacting their online support to ensure they are always there to answer your queries and concerns.

9. Check the bonuses offered and ensure you play at an online casino that offers you "reload bonuses" or an "annual bonus" and not an online casino that lures you with a big "welcome bonus" but doesn't offer you anything else on your future deposits.

10. Ensure the online casino you choose to play at has a good "Loyalty Program" or "Player Rewards" and that they value you and award you for playing with them.

And most important of all ….. enjoy yourself while playing. Online casinos are there to provide you with good entertainment and a fun time!

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